Through the contributions of our business partners, Newshire Investments, Inc. has been able to further expand and grow exponentially since its establishment in 2009. Through our success we have been with the mutual benefit of all parties. Newshire Investments Inc. welcomes all potential joint venture partnerships no matter the scale. Prospective partners can confidently invest knowing that they are partnering with experts with years of industry knowledge, and extensive networks of professional contacts and experience which has been cultivated over the years. For each potential project, our team undergoes in depth market research analysis and due diligence to ensure a solid investment on each and every project.


We actively search to located suitable investment opportunities. Upon targeting a prospective development opportunity, we immediately identify the the highest and best use. We then perform all necessary due diligence . Involvement in day to day operations including but not limited to coordinating and making decision on all work details involving architecture and design, city inspections, plan check, all applicable city departments and bureaus, monitor project timelines, pay contractors, sub-contractors, and all vendors.